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I am currently offering various radios for sale.  Typically these are being sold in working condition unless otherwise noted.  Battery operated radios have been bench tested with one of my ARBE-III Universal Battery Eliminators.  Please contact me with any questions or shipping details and costs @

RCA Radiola III

$215 + S/H


Crosley 50 $175 + S/H

Globe Tube Included


Aeriola Senior $225 + S/H

WD-11 Tube Included


Heathkit CR-1 Crystal Set $160 USA Shipping Included


Crosley 52

Tri-City W-2 $125 + S/H

gallery/radiola senior

Radiola Senior $295 + S/H

WD-11 Tube Included


1924 Crosley Trirdyn Special

$135 + S/H


Radiola AC Amplifier $495 + S/H

Pair of WD-11 Tubes Included





Radiola Senior with Radiola AC 2 Stage Amplifier



These exceptional items are being offered separately as shown above.  However, I would consider selling the pair together at a discounted price of $695 + S/H.  I have played these Westinghouse Radiolas together with one of my ARBE-III Universal Battery Eliminators with excellent results. 

Email me with any questions @



Chicago Daily News


Radio Demon - Electric Service Products

$215 + S/H

Crosley Pup

Crosley Pup $525 + S/H



Radak R4

1924 Clapp Eastman Radak R4

$400 + S/H