Antique Radios Inc.

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I am currently offering various radios for sale.  Typically these are being sold in working condition unless otherwise noted.  Battery operated radios have been bench tested with one of my ARBE-III Universal Battery Eliminators.  Please contact me with any questions or shipping details and costs @

                   Crosley Type V Radio        

            $225 + S/H

Early Homebrew Radio

  $135 + S/H


                       Freshman Masterpiece

$165 + S/H

Rca 3a4

Crosley 52

$185 +S/H


Crosley 51 SD

$235 + S/H


                     Crosley Ace Type V

         $225 + S/H

                       Polle Royal radio

         $235 + S/H

                       RCA Radiola III

                           $165 + S/H