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Westinghouse Aeriola Jr  Sorry, Sold


Up for sale is a nice example of a desirable Westinghouse radio.  This is a working radio which I am offering with an excellent pair of Brandes Headphones.  I connected this little jewell to a long wire outdoor antenna and ground and was able to pick up stations (with a lot of fooling around with the Galena crystal).  So I decided to connect a modern 1N34 diode inside the radio (out of sight) effectively replacing the galena crystal.  Wow!! what a difference.  Many stations with plenty of volume.   It's not soldered in so that it can easily be removed if desired.

The radio is in pretty good shape considering that it is nearly 100 years old.  There are some scratches on the top and at someone drilled 3 holes in the side, possibly for antenna and ground or headphones?  Also, I installed a professional reproduction of the information label (on the inside of the front cover)

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